Native Architecture & Engineering
Native A+E promotes growth + innovation though stories of planning, design and building native communities. Native communities connected by constant dialogue + exchange of ideas with professionals, business + industry become more vibrant as we invest in our families and relatives.

This publication is a collaborative effort of native staff, business owners and industry leaders who advise and contribute content. The stories in this publication attract a wide audience, including individuals and businesses seeking opportunities in an array of industries and trades for projects in Indian Country.

Our stories of community growth and innovation will aid in triggering dialogue and the spread of ideas as we celebrate projects that are dedicated investments for tribal economic development. These projects often consume the most time and resources and overcome obstacles to see fruition.

We are telling the stories from a technical but simplified vantage point from these industries:

  • Environmental & Urban Planning
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • General Contracting & Specialized Trades
  • Education & Vocational Training
  • Sustainability & Innovation
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Contracting & Procurement
  • Government & Politics
  • Community & Individual Highlights

Editor’s Message

Adrian Dotson


NATIVE A+E is an unprecedented publication dedicated to promoting growth and innovation in Indian Country though stories of planning, designing, and building Native American communities.

When it comes to land and commercial development in Native communities, we often run into “red-tape” bureaucracy and inflated construction costs due to land status and rural locations.

These issues are close to my heart as I grew up in my family’s environmental and construction consulting company. They managed many projects in Indian Country like public facilities, and infrastructure for community and economic development.

After graduating from Arizona State University I started my public relations career where I learned how organizations use the media to share stories about initiatives to keep their customers and stakeholders engaged.

It wasn’t long until I notice that Native American’s were vastly under-represented in mainstream media and that they were not invested into public relations and story-telling like most other organizations.

So with my experience, I wanted to create a space where consultants, contractors, tribes and all interested parties can showcase their projects, connect on a professional level, and create more economic opportunities.

Economic and business development have always interested me and I am fortunate to do something that will promote growth and innovation in Indian Country that will take me across the country and eventually internationally.

This publication is a collaborative effort of native staff, business owners and industry leaders who advise and contribute stories of community growth and innovation to trigger dialogue, share new ideas, and celebrate projects.

I’ve been having a blast since starting the online and print publication last year. I’ve always been naturally very curious and I enjoy going to new places, meeting new people, and trying new things. So whether I am working or not working, I like to stay adventurous, open-minded and inquisitive.

Feel free to reach out for any reason, thank you!

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