FBO: Programmatic Environmental Assessment for Oil & Gas Leases

Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
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This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; quotes are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued.

The solicitation number for this procurement is 140A0318Q0113 and is issued as a Request for Quote (RFQ). The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Southern Plain Regional Office intends to award a firm-fixed price contract in response to this Request for Quote (RFQ).

The solicitation documents and incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular FAC 2005-99 dated June 15, 2018.

This solicitation is an Indian Small Business Economic Enterprise (ISBEE) set-aside. Under the Buy Indian Act, 25 U.S.C. 47, offers are solicited only from Indian Economic Enterprises (Subpart 1480.8) that are also small business concerns. Any acquisition resulting from this solicitation will be from such a concern. Offers received from enterprises that are not both Indian economic enterprises and small business concerns will not be considered and will be rejected. As part of your offer, you must complete and return the Indian Economic Enterprise Representation form (DIAR Clause 1452.280-4 (see attached)). The associated North American Industry Classification System code (NAICS) is 541620, Environmental Consulting Services, and the size standard is $15 Mil.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Southern Plains Regional Office, is soliciting offers for a Programmatic Environmental Assessment (EA) for Oil and Gas Leases.

CLIN 00010 and Price Schedule:

Programmatic Environmental Assessment for the Southern Plains Region, Pawnee Agency-OKPAA.

Quantity: 1 @ $________________________

Please provide a breakdown of the price schedule, such as hours to perform the requirement and hourly rate.

Description of Services:

The contractor shall prepare and submit to the BIA, Pawnee Agency, NEPA documents which support approval of oil and gas leases that will encumber trust restricted Indian lands under the jurisdiction of the Pawnee Agency. The NEPA documents will include an environmental assessment (EA), Section 106 of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) consultation documents, and Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) consultation documents, as well as any other documents which are pertinent or required to comply with NEPA and its associated laws/regulations.

The EA should be as short and concise as possible (limited to 75 pages, not including appendices) and written in plain language. It is important to note Bureau of Land Management (BLM) evaluates site specific actions concerning drilling, production, and other activities associated with oil and gas production. The NEPA documents need not fully evaluate site specific activities in which BLM will conduct its own environmental analysis, although the NEPA documents must indicate that those actions are possible as a result of lease approval, subject to their own independent analysis by the BLM.

The NEPA documents shall be prepared in accordance with:
– The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969,
– The Council on Environmental Quality, 40 CFR, Parts 1500-1508
– 43 CFR, Part 46
– 36 CFR Part 800
– The Endangered Species Act
– 50 CFR, Part 402

The contractor shall be the official party responsible for section 106 and section 7 consolations via formal letters provided to the United States Fish and Wildlife service (USFWS), State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), Oklahoma Archeological Survey (OAS) and the Tribal Historic Preservation Officers (THPO). Those letters shall be issued within 2 weeks of the contract award.

Section 106 consultation will include the SHPO, OAS, and the THPO’s. They can be contacted at:
State Historic Preservation Office
Oklahoma Historical Society
800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Oklahoma Archeological Survey
111 E. Chesapeake
Norman OK 73019-5111

Matt Reed, THPO
Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma – Cultural Center
657 Harrison Street
Pawnee, OK 74058

Miranda Myer, THPO
Tonkawa Tribe of Oklahoma
1 Rush Buffalo Road
Tonkawa, OK 74653

Halona Clawson, THPO
Ponca Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma
20 White Eagle Drive
Ponca City, OK 74601

Elsie Whitehorn, THPO
Otoe-Missouria Tribe
8151 Highway 177
Red Rock, OK 74651

All consultations shall be incorporated into the EA and made a part thereof.

Within 90 days of the contract award, the contractor shall submit to the BIA, Pawnee Agency, a draft EA and allow 2 weeks for the BIA, Pawnee Agency, to provide a response and recommendation prior to completing and submitting a final EA. The draft EA shall include proper documentation of the section 106 and section 7 consultations, and include all correspondence with regard to those consultations. The final EA shall be submitted within 3 weeks of receiving comments to the draft EA from the BIA, Pawnee Agency. The formats of the submitted final EA are: 2 hard copies, 1 PDF, and all Microsoft Word documents available. The electronic formats shall be submitted to

The contractor is authorized to enter onto the trust properties under the jurisdiction of the Pawnee Agency, but shall carry a copy of this contract on them at all times.

– BIA’s Template Oil and Gas Lease
– Onshore Energy and Mineral Lease Management Interagency SOP
– BIA Fluid Minerals Estate Procedural Handbook
– Map of BIA, Pawnee Agency Jurisdiction
– 25 CFR 211 and 212
– O&G Landowner Notice Supplement
– Memorandum Dates 8/6/2018 on Additional Guidance on EA’s
– Indian Economic Enterprise Representation Form

Period of Performance: 17 September 2018 to 15 March 2019

PROVISION FAR 52.212-1 — INSTRUCTIONS TO OFFERORS — COMMERCIAL ITEMS, applies to this acquisition.


(a) The Government will award a contract resulting from this solicitation to the responsible offeror whose offer conforming to the solicitation will be most advantageous to the Government, price and other factors considered. The following factors shall be used to evaluate offers:

(i) Technical Capability to perform services to meet the BIA’s requirements and submit documentation to verify

(ii) Past Performance

1. Past performance contact information for minimum of two references for which work was conducted which was similar in scope, magnitude and complexity to the requirements described in this solicitation:

a. Company Name
b. Company Address
c. Company Point of Contact Name
d. Contact Phone Number and E-mail Address
e. Description of Services/Price
f. Period of Performance
g. If applicable, explanation of any problems or delays encountered.

(iii) Price

1. Price will be evaluated in order to determine if it is reasonable in accordance with FAR Parts 13.106-3 and 15.402(a)(2). Offers should be sufficiently detailed to demonstrate their reasonableness.

Technical Capability and Past Performance, when combined, are equal to price.

(b) Options. The Government will evaluate offers for award purposes by adding the total price for all options to the total price for the basic requirement. The Government may determine that an offer is unacceptable if the option prices are significantly unbalanced. Evaluation of options shall not obligate the Government to exercise the option(s).

(c) A written notice of award or acceptance of an offer, emailed or otherwise furnished to the successful offeror within the time for acceptance specified in the offer, shall result in a binding contract without further action by either party. Before the offer’s specified expiration time, the Government may accept an offer (or part of an offer), whether or not there are negotiations after its receipt, unless a written notice of withdrawal is received before award.


The offeror shall complete only paragraphs (b) of this provision if the Offeror has completed the annual representations and certification electronically via the System for Award Management (SAM) Web site accessed through . If the Offeror has not completed the annual representations and certifications electronically, the Offeror shall complete only paragraphs (c) through (r) of this provision.


All terms and conditions identified under this FAR Clause are applicable to this Request for Quotation.

FAR 52.212-5 CONTRACT TERMS AND CONDITIONS REQUIRED TO IMPLEMENT STATUTES OR EXECUTIVE ORDERS — COMMERCIAL ITEMS and FAR 52.212-5 — CONTRACT TERMS AND CONDITIONS REQUIRED TO IMPLEMENT STATUTES OR EXECUTIVE ORDERS — COMMERCIAL ITEMS (DEVIATION)(NOV 2017), applies to this acquisition. The clauses cited within this clause as indicated below are applicable: 52.203-19, 52.204-10, 52.204-23, 52.209-6, 52.209-10, 52.222-3, 52.222-21, 52.222-26, 52.222-36, 52.222-50, 52.223-18, 52.225-13, 52.232-33, 52.233-3, 52.233-4 and 52.242-5.

FAR Clauses incorporated by reference: 52.204-7, 52.204-13, 52.204-16, 52.204-17, 52.204-18, 52.204-20, 52.222-22, 52.222-25, 52.225-25, 52.232-1, 52.232-16, 52.232-16 Alt I, 52.232-17, 52.232-25, 52.232-39, 52.232-40, 52.233-1, 52.237-1, 52.237-2, 52.243-1, 52.246-4, 52.249-4, 52.249-8, 52.252-1, and 52.252-2.

1452.226-70 Indian Preference (APR 1984)
1452.280-1 Notice of Indian small business economic enterprise set-aside (JUL 2013)
1452.280-3 Subcontracting limitations (JUL 2013)

Electronic Invoicing and Payment Requirements – Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) (April 2013)

Payment requests must be submitted electronically through the U. S. Department of the Treasury’s Invoice Processing Platform System (IPP).

“Payment request” means any request for contract financing payment or invoice payment by the Contractor. To constitute a proper invoice, the payment request must comply with the requirements identified in the applicable Prompt Payment clause included in the contract, or the clause 52.212-4 Contract Terms and Conditions – Commercial Items included in commercial item contracts. The IPP website address is:

Under this contract, the following documents are required to be submitted to the COR prior to submitting an IPP invoice:

* A copy of the Contractor’s official company invoice that has already been reviewed and approved by the COR outside of IPP and prior to creating the IPP invoice

The Contractor must use the IPP website to register, access and use IPP for submitting requests for payment. The Contractor Government Business Point of Contact (as listed in SAM will receive enrollment instructions via email from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (FRBB) within 3 – 5 business days of the contract award date. Contractor assistance with enrollment can be obtained by contacting the IPP Production Helpdesk via email or phone (866) 973-3131.

If the Contractor is unable to comply with the requirement to use IPP for submitting invoices for payment, the Contractor must submit a waiver request in writing to the Contracting Officer with its proposal or quotation.

OMB MEMORANDUM M-11-32 Accelerating Payments to Small Businesses for Goods and Services

This policy requires agencies to accelerate payment to small business prime contractors to the full extent permitted by law with the goal of making payment within 15 days of receipt of a proper invoice. In return, prime contractors are expected to accelerate payment to small business subcontractors when they receive accelerated payments from the Government.

All questions shall be submitted via email to Margie M. Robinson at Please reference solicitation number 140A0318Q0113 in the subject line of the email. All questions shall be submitted by 21 August 2018. Quotes are due on Thursday, 30 August 2018 at 12:00 pm (CDT). Quotes may be sent via email to Quotes shall be good for 30 calendar days after close of RFQ.

QUOTE SUBMISSION INFORMATION: Offer submissions must include the following items and in the following order:

1. Cover letter
2. Documentation supporting the Contractor’s ability to complete the project and include list and resumes of personnel who will be assigned the project
3. Proposed work schedule and timeline
4. Pricing schedule associated with each phase as listed above
5. Sections 17a, 23, 24, 30a, 30b, and 30c completed per the attached SF 1449 document (include DUNS number)
6. Hardware, software and other equipment to be used in project implementation
7. Completed Indian Owned Economic Enterprise Representation (attached)

Offerors should check the FedBizOpps/FedConnect websites often for any solicitation amendments.

This solicitation requires registration with the System for Award Management (SAM) in order to be considered for award, pursuant to applicable regulations and guidelines. Registration information can be found at Registration must be “ACTIVE” at the time of award.

BIA SPRO 00003
Contracting Office
Robinson, Margie

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