Our Goal

Indian Country is behind when it comes to infrastructure, housing, public safety and other types of development. Whenever something is built such as a highway, subdivision or police substation, we should celebrate those accomplishments and tell the story. We should celebrate and tell the story because the obstacles that were overcame such as dual jurisdiction, rural locations and tribal inefficiencies. Every one of the 567 federally recognized tribes are a unique case study with both successes and failures that can be learned from.


With hundreds of millions of dollars invested by tribes for planning, design and construction of master plans, water and electric lines, public safety facilities, casinos and the like; it is important to have a better understanding of the process. Native A&E is a platform to share stories and ideas where we can help ensure better outcomes and value for our economic development funding. By telling stories of Native A&E, we will connect our communities to one another and allow for better anticipation and preparation for projects that require skilled teams of contractors. At the end of the day, we want to help communities attract and retain commercial industries, small business, and young professionals and keep the circulation of money in Indian Country.