Share Your Story

Though we have come a long way, Indian Country for the most part is overdue when it comes to meeting infrastructure, housing and other community needs. We constantly hear of the governmental red-tape and bureaucracy that plagues every project; therefore, we should celebrate and share those accomplishments whenever challenges are met.

Every single tribe in North America is a unique case study in terms of the obstacles that have been overcome. We can build off both success and failure as hundreds of millions of dollars are invested each year for environmental remediation, land use planning, master planning, design and engineering and construction to deliver services to our communities and invest for our future.

For us, it’s important to be educated in the process of development in Indian Country to develop a better understanding across industries. We want to know about the efforts and progress being made by tribal leaders and their support staff. Native A+E is a platform for sharing those stories and ideas to ensure we obtain the most value for our economic development investments.

Help us connect communities and facilitate dialogue for better planning and preparation for projects and opportunities. Partner with us to help communities attract and retain young talented professionals, small business + commercial industry for secure investments in our future.